Three Sisters and Bulldog for Etch

Last week I had the pleasure of taking production shots of Three Sisters and Bulldog, produced by Etch in collaboration with Pleasance. 

The former, by theatre company Squint, was a lovely twenty-minute or so adaptation of the first few scenes of Chekov’s classic, which happens to be one of my favourite plays and one whose adaptations I’m always happy to see and shoot. Andrew Whyment’s direction does a great job at bringing to life the script by Lee Anderson, and the result is electrifying. I hope I get to see more of it in the future!

Bulldog, by Jenny Knotts and directed by Dan Pick, is a little gem of new writing which I’m glad I got to see. The Glaswegian setting transported me to my university days in Edinburgh, and the production  recreates that particular brand of Scottish bleakness and humour so faithfully that I was a little surprised to find myself still in North London after the show. Text, direction and cast come together to create a truly harrowing piece of theatre - I’ll make sure I follow what these guys are up to next. 

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